About Me (Claire)


Hello! Yes, this is Me.

Hello! I’m Claire.

With Dom’s Kitchen I create solutions for busy people who know they want to reduce the amount of processed foods (and especially the amount of sugar) that they (and in many cases their children) are eating but just can’t figure out exactly where to start and how to go about it.

I help them make REAL FOOD a reality in their households by sharing easy recipes, kitchen strategies, tips for fussy eaters and loads of practical and inspirational lunchbox ideas.  And I aim to make it fun too – with a blog, website and (coming soon) online and in person courses, events and community focused groups.

So, what are my qualifications for this gig? Am I registered dietician or nutritionist?  Medically trained in any way? Well no…I’m not. But when you get down to it – I don’t believe success in making real food work in a family dynamic is about an in-depth knowledge of food science but much more about having the ability to determine who to trust for your information and having the practical skills to get real food on the table, in kids lunch boxes and into their tummies.

Still, that said, having thought on this question some more, I’ve come up with the following credentials:

  • 25 years at the School of Self-Experimentation on most every diet ever known. 
  • 10,000 hours study at the University of Google and Amazon for health and wellness.
  • 8 years at Some Other Universities getting ridiculously over educated with multiple degrees in Law, History and French.
  • 12 years practising as a lawyer and patent attorney (or “practising how to be one” more like it!) and spending waaaay to much time helping clients spend their money arguing about intellectual property rights (that’s trade marks, copyright, designs and franchising rights – not property!). 
  • 4 year crash course in motherhood.  (I’m sure this one should probably be first in the list!)

But even so I suspect you may be struggling to see the relevance of those university degrees? Well you could say that my History studies have given me an awareness of just how profoundly the past informs the present on any given issue. The French degree – an appreciation for differences and commonalities across different ethnicities, nationalities and countries. And Law? Well a law degree provides a fantastic platform to learn and practice excellence in research, analysis and writing.  Given the heated debates currently raging in the field of nutrition I’d say all these learnings and skills are invaluable in writing this blog and helping you in your real food journey.

OK you say – but how on earth does lawyering help with packing a lunchbox or making dinner? Mad skills in debating little Dom as to why he needs to eat more veggies?  Well no, I guess it runs deeper than that.  To my mind it’s about having the expertise to digest the complex and contradictory information that’s out there (fruit? full fat/low fat dairy? wholesome whole-grains? low carb? high carb?) and about having the ability to communicate that information to parents and caregivers in a way that’s easy for them to understand and therefore implement into lives so they can make better food choices for their families day to day.

Put simply when it comes to turning parents into real food rockstars – I’m more than qualified!


On The Farm.

A bit more about me: So, what do I do when I’m not testing recipes, writing for our blog or creating awesome products to help busy parents?  Well I can be found working in my day job as an IP lawyer for an international franchise operation, hanging out with my hubby or Chef Dom and his sister at home or at a local cafe, practising my olympic lifting techniques (yes I’m drinking that Cross-Fit cool aid) or checking out one of the amazing farmer’s markets in Auckland or London.

And, if you’ve just GOT to know even more then read on to find out 10 things you probably didn’t know about me…

1. I have three younger siblings.  We grew up on a farm together with chickens, cows, goats and horses.

2. I speak French, love all things French and have lived in France on three separate occasions.

3. I grew up riding horses and have been a New Zealand representative Equestrian and national titleholder in several disciplines (and for those horsey folk out there – that was in dressage, show jumping and three day eventing).

4. In my past life I was an anti-counterfeiting lawyer and had an office filled with counterfeit Gucci, Versace, Calvin Klein and of course fake Nemos, Winnie The Poohs, Tiggers and other Disney and Warner characters.

5. In another past life I was a competitive bodybuilder and spent way too long eating a diet heavy on egg white omlettes, steamed veggies, Calci-Trim milk and skinless chicken breasts.

6. I’ve lived in small cities and big cities including Auckland, New Plymouth, Wellington, London, Chicago, and Paris. Today we live mostly in Auckland and sometimes in London.

7. I’ve kept a diary every day since I was 9 and I seem to write lists and goals every single day.

8. I have a collection of over 4,000 horse stamps and write poetry that I don’t show anyone. Yes I am a geek.

9. I love to work out listening to 90s pop music and podcasts – some of my favs are M People, Oasis, Lauryn Hill; and for the podcasts: Robb Wolf, Gretchen Rubin and Tim Ferris.

10. I’m fairly easy to wind up and I’m known for saying what I mean.  No filter would be an accurate description.

So now you know something about me … are you ready to take control of your family’s health and to have some fun while you’re at it?

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